The KL – Singapore HSR is finally on again! 

The days of uncertainties that Malaysia might not have our own HSR is behind us because it is now officially signed, sealed and deferred to the year 2020.

So, besides the obvious economic boom that comes with the HSR, what else is new.

Bear with me while I take you on a journey on the proposed HSR track from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Singapore and see what the HSR has in store for us.

First station – Kuala Lumpur, the city you once thought was the only place for one to make it big, is now not the destination but the start of a wonderful journey to development. Contractors can now look forward to more tender offers to develop areas surrounding the proposed HSR stations because where there is a rail, there will be a need for commercial activities. So now everyone can make it big even outside of Kuala Lumpur!

Putrajaya the pride of Malaysia

Next station – Putrajaya, the majestic region where all the government office buildings that powers the “Malaysia Baru” will be easily accessed by all. Imagine how much the government can save cost for travel expenses if the government officials travel by HSR. It is a known fact that the HSR travels faster than a Mercedes car you know.

Now, we have Seremban in our view, imagine that, Putrajaya and Seremban is just one station away. This is definitely good news for those working or doing business in Putrajaya who have homes in Pajam or Nilai, you have more options to commute to work now that the HSR gets under way. How nice is it to just sit back and watch the jam on the highway pass you by.

Next stop is Nilai, the town famous for textiles, a shopping haven for ladies and home to many prestigious universities amongst others INTI International University, Manipal International University, Nilai University, University Sains Islam Malaysia and this HSR stop will certainly fast-track this university town to eventually an education hub.

Aerial view of Nilai town

The thought of going home over the weekend during on-going semesters is no longer impossible for the students like it was for us back in the day. Mom and Dad can make weekly trips to the campus too and be there in a heartbeat should an emergency occur.

Moving on to Ayer Keroh Melaka station now, coined the city with the most affordable homes and beautiful scenery painted with countless tourist attractions. Where there is tourist mentioned, business ideas will always follow. You can now start drafting a business plan for that bed and breakfast or homestay business you’ve always wanted to manage.

The heart of Melaka town

Affordable property in Melaka plus tourist attraction at your doorstep, I let you do the math. Or if you are interested to be a home owner but you put off the dream of buying a property in Melaka thinking of the far distance from your family’s house in Muar, Johor – well if Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is under 90 minutes, imagine how brief your balik kampung journey will be? No more going through the horrendous festival traffic jam.

So, you can stop convincing your parents to relocate to the city where your office is. Now that the HSR is here, Muar or Batu Pahat doesn’t have to be six hours by train even if you travel from Kuala Lumpur. Lesser time of getting there means more time of being there with the family. Also, going back to Batu Pahat doesn’t mean you have to stay put in Batu Pahat for family time, you can maybe take the kids down to Nusajaya on the HSR.

Why Nusajaya? It is known to have “the world in one city” so you know it has so much to offer, entertainment, shopping, you name it. No more worrying about expensive parking rates or worrying about hotels being fully booked because it can easily be a day trip now that it is well connected by the HSR.

You can even go to next door Singapore and back without having to stay the night. You get the best of both worlds experience in the same day.

Now we come to the end of our journey on the Malaysia segment, all aboard the shuttle to Singapore Jurong East station. The end of the 350km line from Kuala Lumpur. Expected to be as busy as the Changi Airport, the Iskandar Puteri and Jurong East stations will be the gateway that will provide job opportunities for Malaysians and Singaporeans alike as it caters to a growing crowd. You can start polishing that CV and not to forget the business opportunities for both countries.

In the likely event that the SG-KUL flights are fully booked or you find yourself stuck in a long transit in Changi Airport, hop on the HSR and make your way down to Malaysia to pass the time. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery along the railway.

As you can see the KUL-SG HSR is more than just a railway. It doesn’t just take you from point A to point B, it is humanizing transportation.

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